Managed Services

From Fortune 50 to Start-Ups we provide the managed project solution. Our Managed Resources are an efficient way to outsource projects and manage the workforce for project-based or large on-boarding initiatives.

In today’s business marketplace there are ever changing demands, our clients need a staffing partnership that will utilize creative and customized solutions to meet their needs. We at MBD Staffing can help with implementing and delivering the managed resources, for technical support customer services, and many other supportive services to help your business needs. Our team provides qualified workforce to ensure your operation runs smoothly and efficiently.

Engaged Support

Our Team engages our client and provide industry experts to assist in the project needs. We Provide a Sr. Project Manager to oversee the project from beginning to end.

Cost Reductions

Our Managed Resources are built to save you MONEY, RESOURCES, and above all a TIME.

Turn Key Resource

Our Managed Resource allow our clients that ability to impact their business in a quick and efficient manner and allows them to focus on what really matter which is the Growth of Your business.


Our team provides professionals that are exactly what you are looking for. This vetting process (SPIN cycles allows you to get exactly what you want in the most efficient way possible.

Immediate Growth

We work at the speed of the need. Our team has the ability to increase or decrease staffing depending on the project and scope of work.